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Fitchburg.WI.US is the perfect place to register a domain or electronic mail address for businesses located, and individuals residing, in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Here you can learn more about registering a domain under Fitchburg.WI.US.

Fitchburg.WI.US is part of the US domain. Established in 1985, the US domain is used primarily by state and local governments, schools and community colleges, libraries, small business, and individuals. There are third-level domains under WI.US for most Wisconsin communities.

The US domain is described in and administered according to RFC 1480, by authority of the United States Department of Commerce. In 1996, Arnold Consulting registered Fitchburg.WI.US, by authority of the City of Fitchburg, and continues to serve as registrar. In 2001, the Department of Commerce awarded a contract to administer the top-level US domain to NeuStar, Inc.


Domains may be registered in the format Business-Name.Fitchburg.WI.US. (Exception: If your business name includes the word "Fitchburg", do not include "Fitchburg" twice in your domain name. For example, Oak Bank should register Oak-Bank.Fitchburg.WI.US, but the Fitchburg Star should register Star.Fitchburg.WI.US.) Each business may register a single domain under Fitchburg.WI.US.

Business registrants must demonstrate that they are operating in Fitchburg by providing a copy of their most recent business property tax bill or assessment notice. If the registrant is a sole proprietor or doing business using a name (the "DBA name") other than its legal name, proof of the legal right to use the DBA name acceptable to the registrar must be provided.


Domains may be registered in the format Firstname-Lastname.Fitchburg.WI.US. Each adult resident of Fitchburg may register a single domain under Fitchburg.WI.US.

Individual registrants must document their names, ages, and Fitchburg residency by providing copies of drivers licenses or other identification issued by the State of Wisconsin.

Electronic Mailboxes

For each domain registered under Fitchburg.WI.US, a corresponding electronic mailbox is reserved at Fitchburg.WI.US. These mailboxes are formed from the name of the individual or business, replacing spaces with periods, for example: Oak.Bank@Fitchburg.WI.US. Mail for these mailboxes is accepted at the mail servers for Fitchburg.WI.US, scanned for viruses and filtered for spam, as described here, and forwarded to another mailbox designated by the registrant.

Electronic mailboxes in the Fitchburg.WI.US domain could be useful for those who want an on-line identity independent of their current Internet service provider, or who want the advantages of virus scanning and/or spam blocking.

Technical Requirements

Internet service names (WWW, IRC, whois, etc.) may not be registered, even if they are part of the business name. Service names are reserved for possible future services for the residents of Fitchburg. See RFC 2219 for more information on Internet service names.

The registrant, if an organization, must designate individuals to serve as administrative and technical contacts. The administrative contact may appoint the technical contact and any replacement administrative contact. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, and working email addresses must be provided for all contacts. A single individual may serve in the role of both contacts for a domain. Technical contacts are frequently roles at the registrant's Internet service provider.

If the domain name will be used, the technical contact must arrange for domain name service. Name service must be operational on a minimum of two name servers before registration can be completed. You may arrange for name service from any Internet service provider. Arnold Consulting can provide name service, if necessary, at its standard rates.

Application Process

Initial applications shall be made by downloading, completing, and sending by electronic mail a Fitchburg.WI.US domain registration template to the Fitchburg hostmaster.

Both a domain name and an electronic mailbox are reserved for every successful registrant. The use of domains and electronic mailboxes is optional. To use your registered domain, complete items 7a through 8b of the application template. To use your registered electronic mailbox, complete application item 9b.

The Fitchburg hostmaster will verify that (1) the requested domain is available, (2) the registration form is complete, and (3) domain name service is operational. If all requirements are met, the hostmaster will request documentation of name and Fitchburg presence by email. The registrant must send the requested documentation by paper mail or facsimile. All applications materials will be held in confidence and used only for administrating registration of domains under Fitchburg.WI.US.

Currently, there is no fee for registering domains under Fitchburg.WI.US. Fees are subject to change.

Annual Renewal

In the eleventh month of registration of each domain, the registrar will email a renewal notice to the contacts. If none of the renewal notices are returned as undeliverable, and if one of the contacts replies to a renewal notice requesting renewal and paying any applicable renewal fees, the domain registration will be extended for another year. If any of the renewal notices are returned as undeliverable, the contact email addresses must be updated to working addresses before the domain registration may be renewed.

Currently, there is no fee for renewing domain registation under Fitchburg.WI.US. Fees are subject to change.

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